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Cuba denounces U.S. Blockade Against Cuba in The Manifest

NETHERLANDS, October 21, 2015.- NewspaperThe Manifest, issued by the New Communist Party of the Netherlands (NCPN),published a page-long interview with the Ambassador of Cuba to the Kingdom of the Netherlands FermínQuiñones Sánchez, in which the unfair policy of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. against Cuba and the effects of this policy on the Cuban people and the economy were denounced one more time.

During the interview, the Cuban diplomat spoke in detail of the Report presented by Cuba on the Resolution 69/5 of the General Assembly of the United Nations, entitled: “Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba.” The resolution will be up for vote against in the United Nations on October 27.

The Ambassador also spoke of other topics related to the Cuba’s internal and external policy, the updating process of the Cuban economic and social models; the political dialogue between Cuba and the European Union and the recent establishment of Diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States. (Cubaminrex/ EmbaCuba Netherlands)