Trump strikes, while Cuba heals around the world, US citizens say

While Cuba offers aid to the world, the US President Donald Trump administration is hitting it the most, US activists denounced Tuesday, highlighting Cuba´s solidarity work amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the feminist and pacifist organization Codepink, and Leonardo Flores, Codepink member, pointed out that the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced more sanctions on Cuba on June 3, the same day a Cuban medical brigade made up of 85 doctors and nurses arrived in Peru to contribute to fighting the health emergency.

On the Common Dreams website, both authors (Medea and Leonardo) stated that while Cuba has been facing a US blockade for nearly 60 years, Trump has implemented a 'maximum pressure' strategy, with more than 90 economic sanctions on Cuba since January 2019.

Both activists said that, in addition to the damage caused by the US blockade to Cuba´s public health sector, Trump increasingly attacks Cuba´s international medical assistance, which has reached the whole world since the 1960s.

However, they noted, US allies around the world, including Qatar, Kuwait, South Africa, Italy, Honduras and Peru, have gratefully accepted Cuba´s medical aid.

'Admiration for Cuban doctors is so great that a worldwide campaign to award them Nobel Peace Prize has emerged,' US activists stated.

(CubavsBloqueo- Prensa Latina)

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