Raul Castro: blockade is the main obstacle to our country’s economic development

Esteemed heads of State and Government, Distinguished heads of delegations,  Mister Secretary General of the United Nations, Mister President,  The current instability prevailing in numerous regions of the world has its roots in the pervasive underdevelopment afflicting two-thirds of the world population.    Fifteen years after the adoption of the Millennium Development Goals progress is insufficient and unevenly distributed. In many cases, unacceptable levels of poverty and social inequality persist and even aggravate including the industrial nations.

Cuba´s Report 2015


It is not possible to normalize relations between Cuba and US while the blockade persists

IRAN, September 28th, 2015 - A team of Iranian film production from the Nasr-TV digital channel visited the Embassy of Cuba, invited by Ambassador Vladimir González Quesada, as part of the activities carry out by the diplomatic mission to explain details of the latest report on the damages caused by the US blockade against the Island and the need to end this criminal and obsolete Washington policy.  The Ambassador explained that the current process of restoration of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US and the negotiations to normalize the bilateral ties, are based on a mutual will.

Prime Minister of Jamaica appeals for the end of US blockade against Cuba

JAMAICA, July 6, 2015. Prime Minister of Jamaica, Hon Portia Simpson Miller, appealed for the end of the United States blockade against Cuba, during the 36th CARICOM Summit, celebrated in Barbados.

U.S. agricultural coalition opposes trade and travel restrictions against Cuba

CUBA, June 15th, 2015. Agricultural producers, farmers and officials of the Agricultural, Treasury and Trade departments testified in a public hearing to the opportunities and challenges of trading with Cuba.

US continues to encourage illegal departures from Cuba despite thaw

CUBA,  June 2, 2015. Despite current efforts towards the future normalization of bilateral relations between the United States and Cuba, the US´s dry-wet feet law continues to encourage dangerous and illegal departures of Cuban citizens to the US.

International agencies reported on Thursday that the US Coast Guard rescued 13 Cubans who illegally tried to make it to American coasts onboard a precarious raft, which adds to others intercepted this year by the US coastal service.

Association of Cubans living in Jamaica approves declaration in support of Cuba and against blockade

JAMAICA, May 29, 2015. Seventh Meeting of Cubans Residents in Jamaica finished with approval of a final declaration. In such a text it was reinforced support of Cubans living in Jamaica to causes our country has defended along years in its battle for maintaining sovereignty and self-determination.

US Congressmen in Havana: We must end the blockade against Cuba

CUBA,  May 28, 2015. Four US congressmen agreed this Wednesday, May 27, in Havana on the need to end the blockade against Cuba and to continue advancing the process of normalization of the relations between the two nations.

"We must end with this prohibition (the blockade) and find a "pragmatic way" to have relations that benefit the two peoples, expressed Raul Grijalva, representative for Arizona and one of the members a delegation compossed by two senators and to representatives, al of them Democrats, that arrived last Saturday to our country.

Tom Wilner: Obama has the Presidential Authority to Return Guantanamo to Cuba

He is one of the most famous attorneys in Washington and perhaps the only one to have won several cases before the United States Supreme Court, and the system has changed the laws to return to the starting point. Thomas B. Wilner represented the detainees of Guantanamo in the trial that established their right to receive legal counsel, and in the two decisions where the Supreme Court confirmed the right of these detainees to habeas corups, but justice still remains to be done.

Benicio del Toro condemns blockade, backs US improved relations with Cuba

FRANCE,  May 20, 2015. Speaking to the Guardian during the Cannes Film Festival, the actor who has played Che Guevara demonstrated his support for renewed diplomatic ties. Eminent Puerto Rican actor and producer Benicio del Toro called on the United States and Cuba to speed up the process of normalization of relations. Speaking to the Guardian during the Cannes Film Festival, the actor who has played Che Guevara expressed enthusiasm.

Parlatino Stresses Its Firm Stance against US Blockade on Cuba

PANAMA, May 18, 2015.  The permanent and unwavering stance of the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino) against the US blockade on Cuba and its support for peace in Colombia, are achievements highlighted here today by its President, Elias Castillo.

At the opening of the XXX Ordinary Assembly, Castillo said the institution is working to eradicate social inequality, hunger, poverty and marginalization of the region, and Latin America and the Caribbean move towards peace and integration.

France's President demand the end of US blockade against Cuba

CUBA, May 11, 2015. French president, Francois  Hollande,  demanded this Monday in Havana, the end of the United States economic blockade against Cuba which has "damaged2 the development of the Caribbean nation. France will make its best to contribute to the "normalization be achieved, that the measures that has demaged so much the development of Cuba be eliminated, supressed", expressed Hollande during a master conference at the University of Havana.  

The French President arrived to Cuba in an official visit this Sunday evening.