Cuba's Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, has accused the Trump administration on Wednesday of attacking international law and sovereignty by activating Title III of the Helms-Burton Act. Shortly after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Twitter Washington's decision to allow claims in U.S. courts over 'confiscated' property (as they call nationalizations done in the wake of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution), Rodriguez expressed his strong rejection in social media.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said on Saturday at the People''s Power National Assembly that the Helms-Burton Act reinforces the economic siege against the Caribbean island. "Washington is trying to activate that law aimed at taking us back to the beginning of history when we were a slave nation of an empire", Diaz-Canel underlined at the extraordinary session of the Cuban Parliament.

The People''s Power National Assembly condemned the hostile policy by the Government of the United States against the Caribbean island and the Helms-Burton Act, a genocidal extraterritorial project against the Cuban people.

Cubans in Canada condemn Application of Helms-Burton Act

The Association of Cuban Residents in Toronto, Canada, rejected the application of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act for violating the sovereignty of Cuba and third countries. A statement states this action by President Donald Trump is the latest interventionist escalation to impose its hegemony on Our America, describing it as 'inhumane and harmful to the Cuban people.'

Mexican businessmen reject application of Helms-Burton on Cuba

The application of the third chapter of the Helms-Burton Law ''is a disgrace and is not good news for any businessman, because it comes to asphyxiate more the economy of Cuba,'' said investor Jaime Torres Escuen, who has been in charge of the Mexico-Cuba Committee of the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade made the statement to newspaper La Jornada.

Jamaican legislator condemns US blockade against Cuba

Lisa Hanna, miembro del Parlamento de Jamaica y vocera para Relaciones Exteriores y Comercio Exterior del Partido Nacional del Pueblo, visitó la Embajada de la República de Cuba, ocasión en la que sostuvo un cordial intercambio con la embajadora Inés Fors Fernández.

US Friendship Network with Cuba demands respect for the Island

The National Network of Solidarity with Cuba (NNOC) in the United States has demanded Washington to end the aggressive policies of regime change against the island, and to respect its sovereignty and self-determination. "NNOC strongly condemns the aggressive and hostile statements of Donald Trump's government regarding its Cuba policy", expressed the group 


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